• Kings & Queens

    Kings & Queens

    Full flash (AS3) website where admin can manage texts, sounds and picture in a drupal back end. the xml is updated on every item add / update to avoid drupal bootstrap and improve performance.

  • Agua Music

    Agua Music

    3 languages (english, french, dutch) , videos,  sounds and event. visitors can subscribe to a html newsletter

  • Aspecaf


    Visitors can become member and subscribe to the annual congress of the association. Administrator can validate, update the subscriptions, download result in an excell file and manage banner. Committee...


I develop drupal website since 2008 with years of consultancy at Emakina and the European Commission.
The challenge is often a mix between already existing modules and custom one to fast deliver reliable websites.
these sites are accessible, performant, seo oriented, easy to use, nice looking and evolutive : the goal is always a high quality to reach a high satisfaction level, never something "quick and dirty".
I'm able to manage a the whole cycle of a website (from the first analysis to the end) as to be part of a team.

Know How

  • cover drupal 5/6/7
  • in depth knowledge of core API
  • extensive knowledge of main contrib modules (cck, views, i18n, imagecache ...)
  • custom module and theme creation
  • jquery enhancement
  • community building / growing
  • third party integration
  • performance / scaling
  • flash integration
  • simpletest