• Dorifor


    site showing all trainings for adults in Brussels. members can follow a specific sector and partners can update their own tranings. search engine with suggestions and much more…

  • Agenda


    Rewrite of an existing vb agenda application in php / html /javascript (prototype / scriptaculous)

  • Misc. applications

    Misc. applications

    3 applications to manage reparations of medical and acoustical devices. automatic count of the price and guarantee. billing at the end of the month. Reporting to the management. automatic sending of the...

custom php / framework

I began to develop with php in 2002 with version 4 and I now use version 5 with classes and design patterns. I like to use libraries as pear to go faster and provide reliable solutions. I also use frameworks as CodeIgniter or Zend.

Know How

  • procedural or class based
  • libraries (pear, excell, gd, artichow, ...)
  • frameworks (zend, codeigniter)